PTX Manufacturing & Testing

The Pantronix EMD Assembly Line in Fremont, CA, provides a variety of Sub-System and System Level Manufacturing Services.  Our vertical assembly technologies, coupled with our vast experience in Component Packaging, Chip-on-Board (COB), Ball Grid Array (BGA), Surface Mount (SMT), and Pin-Through-Hole (PTH) technologies are utilized to meet the requirements of world-class products.  Our printed wiring board manufacturing processes utilize state of the art technology with minimum feature size and lead pitch.

In addition, we have a broad range of product know-how ranging from fiber-optic modules, RF subsystems, custom cables, high-speed telecommunication subsystems to fully integrated medical systems.  Our facility with a large cleanroom space supports assembly and inspection of critical parts for medical systems in a contamination-free environment.  An in-house machine shop capability supports our manufacturing tooling needs as well as those of our customers.

Pantronix is committed to excellence in all respects and is dedicated to the philosophy of continuous improvement.  Our quality system is certified to ISO9001:2008 and ISO13485:2003.  We have also been granted Commercial Laboratory Suitability for MIL-STD-883, and are certified to MIL-PRF-38535.  Our Printed Wiring Board Assembly Line is certified to U.L. requirements and Pantronix Corporation is FDA registered for medical systems manufacturing.  Our critical manufacturing processes are constantly monitored through the use of statistical process control (SPC).

We provide both turnkey solutions and also offer a consignment approach for material management.  Our OEM customer’s needs determine the method of component management to maximize productivity and cost control.




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