Electronic Manufacturing
PCB Assembly of SMT Components to 0201
Fine pitch to 12 mils.
PCB Assembly of PTH Components
BGA, Micro-BGA, Chip Scale Pkg, Flip-Chip Handling.
BGA Rework Station
Solder & Non Solder SMT.
Complete Turnkey Service including PCB Design & Test.
PCMCIA Card & Assembly.
Fully Automated Assembly (Hands Free Operations).
Quick Turn with Production Volume Handling.
SMT & Thru Hole (Mixed Technology Handling)
Nicolet X-Ray
No Clean Process
Baking Ovens-Nitrogen / Air
Aqueous Wash Process
Flex, Rigid, Rigid Flex PCB Assembly
Mechanical Assembly
Management and Customer Distribution
In-House 5 Axis Machine Center
Engineering Service