Pantronix Photonic Packaging
Pantronix provides packaging, assembly, system integration, electrical and optical testing for optical fiber communications, sensors, displays and other applications.  We are the leader in optoelectronic packaging, active optical module assembly, and subsystem integration.  Our mission is to work with the state-of-the-art processes and methods to allow Pantronix and our customers to create and maintain a competitive edge both technically and economically in this field.

Our services includes:

  • Device Packages: PIN/APD, LED, Laser Diode with epoxy-free pigtailed coaxial or butterfly packages with reliable single-mode fiber alignments
  • Active Component Module: Transmitters and receivers using chip-on-board, multi- (MCM) and flip-chip technology to support high-speed demands
  • Fiber Optic subsystems: Provides various capabilities for engineering development and full-production of passive optical module/assembly with fiber-array to wave-guide packages
  • Device and System-Level Tests: All relevant optical and electrical parameters up to 10 GHz
Pantronix Corporation

Pantronix can meet all requirements of Telcordia (Bellcore) Standards. We provide full capability to conduct environmental tests, mechanical tests, and strict material tests on component and subsystem level.



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