pantronix certifications


  Life Test 1005 A-D, 125°C, Tc, Ta, Air
  Stabilization Bake 1008 C (150°C), F
  Salt Atmosphere 1009 A
  Temperature Cycling 1010 C
  Thermal Shock 1011 B
  Seal 1014 A1, A2, C1
  Burn-In 1015 A-D, 125°C, Tc, Ta, Air
  Constant Accelerations 2001 A-E, (Y1 Axis)
  Mechanical Shock 2002 B
  Solderability 2003 N/A
  Lead Integrity 2004 B1, B2
  Vibration, Variable Frequency 2007 A
  External Visual 2009 N/A
  Internal Visual (Monolithic) 2010 B
  Bond Strenght 2011 D
  Internal Visual Mechanical 2014 N/A
  Resistance to Solvents 2015 N/A
  Physical Dimensions 2016 N/A
  Internal Visual (Hybrid) 2019 H
  Die Shear 2019 N/A
  PIND 2020 A, B
  Non-Destruct Bond Pull 2023 N/A
  Internal Visual (Passive) 2032 H
  Resistance to Soldering Heat 2036 I, J, K
  Internal Visual (Transistors) 2072 N/A
  Internal Visual (Diodes) 2073 N/A
  *Test Methods in MIL-STD-750    


For security, proprietary and confidential reasons this is not a complete listing of Pantronix capabilities and certifications.


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